Solar PV

Solar PV ()
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Ingot Manufacturing
The new features in the GT furnaces include simultaneous feeding, growing, doping, high growth rates.
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Wafer Manufacturing
At the wafer level, QSE is partnering with Meyer Burger
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Cell Manufacturing
Smart wire connection (SWC) is a new wire based cell connection technology which is used in the semiconductor industry.
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Module Manufacturing
QSE modules couple leading-edge technology based on high efficiency cells with manufacturing excellence and quality control that comes from being one of the world’s most advanced modules.
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The deployment of low cost Li-ion battery technology is enabling a revolution in the electric vehicle industry. Qatar Solar Energy has partnered with leading luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin and the worlds most experienced commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Smith Electric Vehicle to make Qatari designed and manufactured vehicles for the future.
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With the aim of creating more effective ways of using energy, Qatar Solar Energy is building solutions that will create new benchmarks for efficiency.