Ingot Manufacturing

The new n-type monocrystalline ingot and wafer technology enables the transition to higher efficiencies and lower costs compared to today’s technology which are prevalent in most of the manufacturing facilities around the globe.

QSE in collaboration with GT advanced technologies (a leading US company with global presence) is developing a brand new furnace for n-type monocrystalline growth based on proprietary continuously-fed growth technology.

The new ingot furnace technology is expected to deliver significant improvements in cost, yield and quality over today’s batch tools using the Czochralski process. The new features in the GT furnaces include simultaneous feeding, growing, doping, high growth rates, “unlimited” charge size, stable hot zone and thermal conditions as well as p-type and n-type growth capabilities. Those features allows the following key benefits: • Higher yield: more useable crystal per kg of silicon. • Higher throughput: more useable crystal per hour. • Uniform interstitial oxygen. • Higher and more uniform minority carrier lifetime. • Uniform resistivity independent of dopant. • Lower hot zone costs per kilogram of ingot. All these key benefits will allow QSE to achieve a higher crystal quality and a much lower cost of fabrication of silicon wafers.