CEO Message


Qatar Solar Energy, in alignment with His Highness the Emir’s ‘Vision 2030’, is a significant and strategic step towards establishing Qatar as a global renewable energy technologies development and research hub providing thought leadership and pragmatic renewable energy solutions for humanity.

As a state-of-the-art industrial solar institution in Qatar with expert capability across the value chain from ingot production to power generation, Qatar Solar Energy, has enabled Qatar with the remarkable capability to produce solar electricity at globally competitive Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and to reach the objective of Electric Grid Parity (EGP).

QSE has secured access to international markets through a pipeline of projects, and developed relationships with strategic partners in both developed and emerging countries desiring to develop their own resources of solar energy. In addition, QSE has developed relationships and contractual agreements with the main solar technology providers in the world which allow QSE to be fully integrated across the value chain with the best cost of production and high efficiency solar modules.

In order to sustain access to the latest technologies in renewable energy, QSE, established the Al Jazari Center of Excellence that hosts a highly skilled and equipped R&D Lab Center. The center continues to attract the best talents and initiate internships in PhD and Post Doctorate programs with rotations within the MENA region and between MENA and developed countries in this field.